Lasco Showers

lasco showers corner unit lasco showers brown colors

The Lasco brand is synonymous with quality bathroom fittings and of course Lasco showers. Since 1965, Lasco had been producing their vast range of bathware for US and international bathrooms. In fact, their products can be found in 25% of American homes.

Apart from Lasco showers, the company also produces bath tubs, spas, bathroom fittings, soaking tubs, steam showers and a wide range of ancillary products.

Lasco is still a well known brand in its own right but in 2010, it merged with a hydrotherapy company (Aquatic Whirlpools) to form a new company called Aquatic.

Now your Lasco showers will come from Aquatic. Different sizes and textures are available, along with various colors. The acrylic, composite or gelcoat finishes available are all very durable and easy to clean.

An example of the standard colors available for just one model are:

•    White.

•    Silver.

•    Almond.

•    Biscuit.

•    Bone.

•    Linen.

•    Sterling.

The following colors are available for most Lasco showers as an added optional extra:

•    Mexican sandbar.

•    Sandbar.

•    Black.

You also have options as to the type of finish you prefer either smooth or textured tile style.

The comprehensive instructions supplied with its Lasco shower make installation a breeze. Complete instructions are also available on the aquatic website for download.

You also find the range of Lasco showers so large that you will have trouble in deciding on just one. You can sort the product range by type, finish, style and price so you will have little trouble in finding the shower that best suits your house design and of course your budget. It’s also possible to search by zip code to find a Lasco shower retailer or outlet close to you.

Finding the right bathroom or bathware fittings just got a whole lot easier with the extensive range of Lasco showers available for your perusal right on the internet or at a show room close to you. Make sure you have plenty of time, because there is a lot to see. and enjoy.

Do yourself a favor and check out the full product line of Lasco showers on the aquatic website. It’s easy to navigate and groups products in a very logical and easy-to-follow way. While you’re there you’ll also be able to check out the other products to the merged company supplies.

The sizes available range from 32 inch to 48 inch and you can also choose the shape of your preferred shower. They are available as a rectangle, corner unit or bowed. The  showers come complete with specifications and installation instructions for your builder or plumber. They can also be supplied with factory grab bars to assist positioning and handling of the shower unit.

Lasco showers come with a three-year warranty and will complement any bathroom design or shower design you might have in mind. The benefits of purchasing Lasco showers are that you’re dealing with the company which has been providing high quality bathroom and bathware fittings since 1965.

Whether you are renovating old building from scratch a Lasco shower is a sound choice and a very functional and elegant design piece for your bathroom.

The extensive range of shower sizes, shapes along with varying pan depths means that you will find exactly the product to suit you.

Since the company merger, the catalogue has been expanded and enhanced to not only provide a never ending range of products  from the lasco showers side of the company, but also a much expanded, updated range of tubs and whirlpool tubs.

Latest News.

Lasco Showers and Aquatic products constructed with a newly developed four layer process that is significantly stronger (50%) and about 40% thicker than any competitor in the shower cubicle or tub market. This Matters!

This innovative four layer process still gives the product a gloss like quality finish.