Lasco Bathware

There is no doubt that Lasco Bathware is at the top of the line when it comes to quality and style. All Lasco tubs are constructed with double hulls. That’s in stark contrast to most other manufacturers who produce single molded tubs.

Of course it costs more to produce a double hulled tub, but the expense is well worth it. The payoff is much better structural integrity and durability. This bathware is built to last. In fact, it’s built to out last the competition.

Excellence in Manufacture.

Lasco and Aquatic products use both flexible and non flexible piping in their baths. This technique ensures that pipes do not stretch and/or sag over time. When pipes do stretch and sag, this can be the perfect environment for the build up bacteria. Maintaining an excellence in manufacturing standards is just part of the way things are done with Lasco bathware.

Very Quiet!

You will find that these tubs come with levelling legs. This way, you can perfectly fit your bath to your floor, even if its not perfectly level. Some other innovations, such as anti-vibration dampening mean you will have whisper quiet operation.

Aquatic, the company formed from the merger of Lasco bathware and Aquatic Whirlpools, has a huge range of products.  In fact, it’s the widest and most comprehensive offering in the bathware industry. At last check, there were over 300 products listed in their catalog.

Let’s take a deeper look at one of their new offerings, The Cooper Tub.

This tub combines the latest trend in minimalistic design, while offering a special bathroom retreat where you can get away from all the pressures of modern life.

A great place to  relax and enjoy. This new offering from the company is available in both a standard size for soaking, along with the whirlpool (or spa type) models. Its crisp uncluttered and clean style add some sculptural and geometric features to your bathroom.

It truly is a stunning design.

In line with the color schemes associated with this type of design, the Cooper Tub comes in and white, gray, bone, linen, biscuit and almond.

Some features of this bathtub are:

•     A bathing well which is extra deep to give you that true soaking    experience.

•     Smooth, comfortable with an ergonomic back and shoulder rest.

•     The option of either a left hand or right hand drain installation.

•     A  fully acrylic 60 inch wide skirted flange which is integrated into the tub   design.

•     Double tiling integrated in the flange.

•     A wide 31/4 inch clearance above the floor.

•     The soaker model comes with a five year limited warranty.

•     The whirlpool tub comes with a seven year limited warranty.

There is no doubt that if you choose Lasco bathware , you are choosing products from America’s leading bathware manufacturer. With such years of experience, dedication to quality and an envious reputation, the choice is simple. Choose this premium quality for all your bathroom fittings, showers, baths and tubs. Choose Lasco!

Visit your local Aguatic/Lasco supplier or order a catalog online. If you are building from scratch, specify the best . Specify Lasco!

You won’t regret it!