Lasco Shower Stalls

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Any new bathroom, or indeed any renovation will probably include a new shower or tub, or both. Lasco shower stalls come in a wide variety of styles sizes, and designs.

As you develop plans for your bathroom, you’ll not only have to deal with color schemes and  layouts, tile choices and the look and feel, you also have to select which shower stall you are going to use.

Good Planning

Apart from the size and shape of your shower stall, you have to decide on the material used, the finish of the walls and the location of your plumbing and drainage connections.

Remodelling a shower helps lift and change your complete bathroom. A new and modern shower stall is a big part of overall impression of the room.

So take the time to decide just how much space you have for a shower stall and not just the floor space available. Check the height you have in your bathroom, so there is adequate clearance to allow steam to escape from the top of your shower stall, to prevent fogging.

The very best way to see what is available for all the options mentioned above concerning your shower stall is to do some research online.

Try to fit into the existing plumbing wherever you can. This will save you a lot of time and money if you do not have to redo any plumbing and can integrate with the existing pipes and fixtures.

Set A Budget before checking the range of Shower Stalls.

Probably the most important thing you can do in the planning stage, is to set a budget for your project. Make sure you set the budget before visiting any showrooms or checking shower stalls online. This way you won’t be swayed to a more expensive products or products outside your price range.

If you visit you will be able to see the range of Lasco shower stalls available, along with their recommended retail price.

Once you have one or two models of showers stalls on a short list, consider what types of fittings and other decorative option are available to compliment the style, color and texture of the shower stalls.

Test Drive your Shower Stall

When you have decided on the shower stall you want, visit a showroom and put it through its paces! Take a close look at it, open and close the door and check for smooth operation. Carefully examine the shower stall’s texture, finish and color. Step right into the shower, close the door and double check the room you have. Go through all the movements you would normally do when in the shower. Pretend you are shampooing your hair and see how much elbow room you have. Turn around …bend over…I’m sure you get the idea.

Finally, once you have decided on the shower stall for you, double check on availability of the product, delivery costs and supply time. There’s nothing worse than having your bathroom dismantled and having to wait an extended period of time for any fittings, let alone major things like the tub.

Taking the time to look through the wide range of Lasco shower stalls available and giving careful consideration to the planning stage of your project will result in the look and feel that you want, within budget and within that timeframe you set.